Welcome to Tea Time for the Heart

Please pour yourself a cup of tea or your beverage of choice and spend a few moments with me.

After dabbling in writing for many years, I began a serious journey down the writer’s path in 2007. Completing my first manuscript has been a milestone for me. Call it what you will—a sacrifice to God or a calling from God—it is definitely a gift that God gave me and not of my own doing. 

As a true Anglophile, my plan is to write inspirational fiction for lovers of tea and scones, of castles and cottages, and all things British. My prayers go up for anyone who reads what I write, hoping it will not only be a short diversion from life’s struggles but will touch your heart and draw you closer to God and His Son.
Please visit my blog, “The Teacup Journal,” and share your comments, thoughts, and prayers. You may also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Goodreads.
May God bless and keep you through life's journey, 


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